My Favorite Massage Products: Some sold here, most are not

Decathlete 5 speed Vibration Massage Roller with USB port 5 speed vibration massage foam roller.

This is one of my new favorites, that I did not think would be as useful as it is.  Always before, foam rolling was more of a chore and a workout.  With the addition of vibration, simply sitting at my desk with my feet on it gives me a foot massage.  Sitting/lying on the couch is an opportunity to rest my achilles, calves, back of my knees, hamstrings on the vibrating foam roller and get a massage while I'm relaxing.  I actually have it in my chair against my lower back while I'm typing this, foot massage is next.  The 5 different intensity levels give you a nice variety to choose from when working on different body parts.

Vibration and massage increase blood flow, gives myofascial release, relaxes the muscles, stimulates neurological connections, and this roller does it in a passive manner.  You work hard enough, you don't need to work hard on your relaxation.  Foam rolling works, but vibrating foam rollers work much better.  And it travels well, at under 3 lbs.

Decathlete Thumper Thumper 9 speed massage gun.

I use this one driving to and from workouts, travel with it to competitions, and actually use it during competitions to keep loose between events of the decathlon without having to expend too much energy continuing to warm up.

This new massage gun, which is comparable to a Hypervolt massage gun, has a longer handle to reach mid back areas and extremities easier.  It has a more powerful and longer lasting battery.  9 different massage intensity settings allow for a more customized massage, as compared to 3 intensity settings with the Hypervolt.  I still have a Hypervolt, and think it's a great product, I just like this one better.

I have loaned the Thumper to my chiropractor to get his feedback on how  it works for him as someone that works with his hands all day doing myofascial release and adjustments.  

He now has 2 for his office.

Decathlete 4 Speed Vibration Massage Peanut Jr.

Decathlete 4 Speed Vibration Massage Peanut Jr.

It actually looks a lot like a peanut, which makes for a great foot, lower back, neck massage and more.  Unlike the foam roller, which is flat, this curvature cradles your body parts and gives a different caliber massage.  Not as intense as the 5 speed vibration massage roller, it still gives a quality massage and is easier to carry while traveling.  It has a rechargeable battery, with auto shutoff feature after 10 minutes of use which may vary depending upon intensity levels selected.  

It weighs 1 lbs 12 oz and its small size makes it easy to carry in a bag, whether that's a gym bag, track bag, or possibly even a purse.  Since I've never carried a purse I'm not an expert, but It's an educated guess.  Something I am more of an expert on , it's about the size of a U.S. pint glass of beer which is 16oz, or slightly less than a British pint, which is 20oz.  Thank you for reading to the bottom.  Cheers.

Belt Massager

Belt massager

I thought this one sounded ridiculous until I tried it.  A world champion friend of mine told me about this one, and I thought he was crazy.  "You mean the thing you see in the old black and white videos of fat guys shaking away their fat?"

He told me to buy one and if I didn't like it he would buy it from me.  How could I turn down a testimonial like that?  Turns out he was brilliant and I couldn't have been more wrong. This thing will loosen you up, massage what ails you in no time flat.  I'm not saying it will shake away fat, but what I am saying is that it will improve circulation, and loosen up your muscles and joints like a champ.  A few minutes with the "jiggleator" have me moving like I just had a massage and a stretch.

I have purchased two for my own personal use, one for my home and one that I have actually traveled with to competitions. I know, it seems crazy to me too, but it's the truth.  It's a difference maker.  I have given them to friends and family, who use it daily.  All I can tell you is that it works, and it is right at the top of my list for the most bang for the buck.

Massage Chair

iDEAL massage chair IC SPACE

Expensive, but you can find deals if you're patient and flexible on the amenities.  I found the features I wanted and shopped on Ebay, before buying from a retailer that offered "Free Shipping".  I figure I put enough time and effort into my training and competitions that I might as well be getting a massage while watching TV.  Rehab doesn't always have to be a bad thing, if it's Prehab.  Keeping your body loose and tuned up can decrease your chances of injury.  Plus it feels great.

TQ Solo

TQ Solo Cold Laser

It is very expensive, and by far my most expensive gadget.  I found mine used on Ebay.  It helps me with joint pain and stiffness in the knees and shoulders.  I have used it to rehab calf strains, hamstring injuries, tennis elbow(primarily poor technique in the shot put), and many other injuries.  I wish I had a lot of articles and studies to quote from, but most seem to be generated by the manufacturers which makes me skeptical regarding some of the claims regarding cold lasers.  However, I am 100% certain that it has decreased my injury recovery time, many times.  Here's a study published on the National Institute of Health site.

The first time I used it, I had a Grade 2 calf strain that should have taken 3+ weeks to heal.  I've had many, and I know my calf strain gradings far too well.

Grade I Calf Strain: Mild discomfort, often minimal disability. Usually minimal or no limits to activity.

Grade II Calf Strain: Moderate discomfort with walking, and limited ability to perform activities, such as running and jumping; may have swelling and bruising associated.

Grade III Calf Strain: Severe injury that can cause inability to walk. Often patients complain of muscle spasm, swelling and significant bruising.

Calf strains are most common in men between the ages of 30 and 50.  That's me.  After 10 days of using the laser on the injured calf I was able to compete in a decathlon and sprint at 100% in the 100 meters and long jump, before re-injuring in the high jump which was primarily due to dehydration while competing in Texas in late June.  That exceeded my expectations, and I cannot attribute it to anything other than the TQ Solo.

At the request of a fellow athlete, I contacted the company and got a discount code for this product.    Decathlete10  You must contact the company to place the order by calling  

Pam Manke
Multi Radiance Medical

Phone 800 373 0955   ext.109 or email her at if you wish to receive 10% off.

My Favorite Products: Not sold here

SportCount Ring Timer and Lap Counter

SportCount Ring Lap Timer

SportCount Ring Timer is a simple straight forward way to get your splits/laps whether it's at the track, in the pool, or anywhere else.  Fits on your finger, holds the time of your last interval for approximately 8 seconds so you can push the lap button and don't have to immediately review.

Freelap Timing System

Freelap Timing System

My particular version of the Freelap timing system has a timing belt, a starting disc, and 2 stand up sensors that you can place at whatever distance intervals you like.  However there are some limitations if you place them too close, like within a few feet of each other, which I have never needed to clock anything that close personally.  The starting disc has a center button that you press down to engage the timing chip/watch.  Once your thumb comes off the button on the disc, your timer starts.  Once you are within approximately 2 feet of the stand up sensors, the timer will record your interval as a lap.

I have compared it simultaneously with running through photocell laser timers and found the accuracy to be within .01 seconds.  I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy. 

There are multiple different setups with more or less sensors, but they are essentially the same concept with different quantities of sensors.




I use this one leading up to competitions.  It essentially makes your blood a little more alkaline, which helps offset the acidic build up and pH shift in your blood that results from intense exertion.

Alkagen is a mineral supplement, in capsules. It is suitable for athletes or physically active people as a supplement of minerals, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, sodium, to be used during intense and prolonged exercise. The product contains alkali-metal salts of citric acid and bicarbonate, as well as zinc, which supports normal acid-base balance and magnesium, which contributes to electrolyte balance. Magnesium also helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. Alkagen is a composition of ingredients so far used individually only in elite products, suitable for physically active people.  

I have only recently started using these prior to a tetradecathlon world championship in Helsinki in 2018.  The jury is still out on this one, since I don't know how I would have performed without them.  My greatest concern was cramping, which never happened.

Decathlete 8 Speed Vibrating Peanut Massager massage peanut

This has become a good relaxation device and it is easy to carry while traveling.  Due to its smaller size than the foam roller, it is easier to use while sitting and doing paperwork/computer work.  Whether it's a back massage or resting my feet on it for a foot massage, it makes hours of sitting around  a lot more comfortable.  It cradles your foot/calves/legs in a reclined position or you can rest them on the ball portion of the device.  The same with the neck especially for a neck and shoulder massage or up and down the back while in a seated position.

For the more intense massage and loosing up before/during/after a competition I prefer the vibrating foam roller, but it doesn't fit as well into a chair/seated situation.  Basically, the peanut is better in a seated/chair situation and the roller is better in a reclined/flatter position.  Both are very useful, but in different ways.